You Need Experience To Get a Job But You Need a Job To Get Experience

28 03 2011

So, you’ve completed your degree and you’re ready to get to work. The only problem is that no one will hire you because you don’t have experience. So now, you want a job to gain experience and you can’t get a job because you don’t have the experience because you can’t get the job.

First, I would not apply through a recruiter for any direct hire opportunities. Since you are not the “Perfect” candidate because you lack the industry experience most hiring managers will feel like they are taking a chance by hiring you. When you apply through a recruiter the company will have to pay that recruiter a fee if you are hired. While this is not always a determining factor it’s usually in the hiring manger’s mind when determining the cost of bringing you on as a new employee.

Secondly, explore contract assignments. While they may not pay as well as your current occupation, a pay cut may be required to get your foot in the door. Most companies will lower the qualifications for contract positions even though they don’t lower the compensation, compared to the direct hire candidate so the pay cut may not always be required. Some companies actually hire contract employees directly, but more have these positions outsourced contract staffing firms so if you are going this route you may be speaking with the recruiters who I told you not to speak with in my first suggestion.

Lastly, whenever possible take part in activities that help increase your resume. For example, you could volunteer once a week for a non-profit group that has some type of significance to the jobs you are looking for. By taking part in real world activities you can include them on your resume and show that you are still active even though you may be working a full time job which is not related to pay the bills.




5 responses

1 04 2011

Excellent suggestion re: contract assignments. If you can get one, then you can either prove how valuable you can be to the company and secure a permanent position, or find out the easy way that the company is not the right fit for you.

2 04 2011

A recuriting company would always be my last choice.
It’s such a vicious circle with getting a job, especially the first one I guess.

2 04 2011

@Kim Thanks for the comment. You are correct 99% pf the time with first time employment in the field. I do however suggest speaking with a recruiter if you are the “Ideal” candidate for a position. As posted in my blog, Understanding Recruiters I explain how recruiters work and when it is good to use a recruiter and when it is not.

2 04 2011

Thanks Dean for the advice! Actually I already have a lot of jobs before. I’m already 25 and have had a lot of jobs in the last years :S

19 04 2011

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