LinkedIn Open Networking …… Part 1

3 04 2011

I have been a LinkedIn user for just over two years and a Premium LinkedIn user for the last 4 months. On Friday, April 1, 2011 I surpassed the 8,000 first level connection mark. I can honestly say that there is great value in having an extensive network on LinkedIn. I can’t speak of social networks like facebook or twitter because I have yet to see substantial positive outcomes from either of these networks, but I would imagine there is some value in those as well.

The argument against Open Networkers on LinkedIn is that by being connected to people outside of your industry or even people you do not personally know is not productive. I think the opposite. I think there is increased value in connecting with as many people as possible. In over 2 years I have only had to remove 4 connections from my network. Three of them were spammers that never provided me with anything that I was interested in and the other we in a profession (adult industry) that I didn’t feel comfortable having as a member of my network.

I’m going to be focusing this week’s blogs on the advantages of LinkedIn open networking. Please check back and comment on your positive and negative experiences with networking on LinkedIn.




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