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Dean Hansen is a proven industry leader in Contract, Temp-to-Perm, and Direct Placement Staffing and Recruiting.  From years of experiences in the industry and a vast network of fellow staffing professionals as well candidates he is able to linked employers with leading professionals.  His high volume success is focused around providing his clients with quality rather than quantity.  Utilizing the Technology, Social Networking, and Internal Industry Connections gathered over time Dean is able to reach active and passive candidates and deliver results.

Dean Hansen works as part of the Discovery Solutions Inc. team.  His desk is located in the firm’s corporate headquarters at 57 Kensington Parkway in Abingdon, MD 21009.  Discovery Solutions Inc. has been achieving industry success for over 10 years.


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21 01 2011
Steve S.

Hi Dean-
First, I just read all of the articles on your Blog and found them very useful. Thank you.
My Background consists of 20 years on Bio/Pharma sales with 3 companies-Solvay for 2 years, Purdue Pharma for 13 years, and Amgen for 5. I was “downsized” (long story) with Amgen after 5 years being a Regional Account Manager, which was part of their Corporate Accounts/Managed Care Department . I am without a job for the first time in my career. Other than Solvay, I have never had to look for a job as both Purdue and Amgen recruited me to their respective companies, with Amgen offering a sign on bonus when I declined the first offer.

So, I am just beginning to actively work with Recruiters….one question I have based on your Blogs-if I submit a resume to Company X, and then start working with a Recruiter a couple of months later who has begun to work on a position with the same company X, will the Recruiter no longer work with me since my resume is on file? Along those lines, will a company post some jobs publicly on job boards, but work only with a Recruiter on other positions (perhaps a higher level, very specialized position)?

Thanks in advance for your Blogs. Also, I forwarded my resume to Discovery Solutions, Inc. I hope to talk with someone there who works with candidates in Bio/Pharma….or perhaps we could talk about opportunities. I live in the Greater Boston area, and am unable to move at this point due to family.

Again, thanks for all that you do in providing us with information!

Steve S

21 01 2011


I’m glad you enjoy my blogs. I have written you directly to give you a more detailed answer but wanted to share a brief reply with all who may share your questions.

Your understanding of the typical restrictions regarding ownership of a candidate are correct. In most situations there is a time where a company will not accept your resume from a recruiter if you have applied directly.

Regarding a company not posting opportunities publicly and given an recruiter exclusivity there are only three situations where this will typically occur.

1. The company is just so small that they don’t post any jobs. Some smaller companies don’t have the resources to post their opportunities and will go directly to a recruiter who has experience. Many small companies will have one HR generalist who sets up interviews and manages benefits but who does not actively recruiter or post opportunities.

2. Retained searches. These are searches that they don’t always want to make public and are usually very senior. They may not want to let their competition know that they are looking for a new VP of Sales if that information may be useful to the competition. They also may not want a current employee know that they are seeking a replacement. These searches are usually designated exclusively to one firm.

3. Contract positions are not typically posted by the company where you will be physically working. They are typically posted by the company you will be legally working for at their clients facilities. You will be paid by the staffing firm and they will bill the company you are working at. You can not typically apply with a company for contract work, although this is not always the situation.

Thanks again for checking out my blog and I hope I’ve helped answer your questions.

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