What are people saying about Dean?

“I have worked with Dean to fill several roles, including a uniquely specialized role which I had described as finding “a needle-in-a-haystack”. Due to Dean’s abilities and assistance we were able to fill this particular role in just over one month! Dean very quickly translated our requirements into leads for several candidates with relevant experience. The quality of candidates he has provided to us has been impressive. He is professional, works diligently and respectfully, and I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to recommend Dean as a recruiter.”

“Dean is by far the best recruiter that I have worked with. He is personable, exudes integrity and exhibits timely follow up. I would highly recommend working with him either as an individual looking for a position or as a hiring manager.”

“I had the pleasure of working with Dean when a position became available at Lonza Biologics. Dean is an incredible recruiter. He is extremely knowledgeble about the positions for which he recruits and the companies. I had all kinds of questions that he answered well, while maintaining a respectfully private attitude towards the company. This is why I feel he works well with clients, has detailed knowledge of his subjects, is reliable, and trustworthy.”


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